I’m not talking about those with dreams and plans – you have to dream and you can certainly need plans to move toward your goals. I’m not talking about that hustle you’ve been at for a minute that you know will pan out if you can catch a break, etc. I get it – it’s hard out here for a pimp. Plus, there will always be someone telling you can’t do something or someone watching and waiting for you to fall. What I’m talking about is saying, “Yeah, you know, I’m about to drop my music project and get put on,” when you’ve spent no time in the studio, or you’re crowdfunding your revolutionary product launch and I visit your Kickstarter to see that you’ve raised $15 (your Grandma) toward a $25,000 campaign goal.

Again, I’m not stomping on anyone’s dreams. Obviously, you have to start somewhere and many times you have to start small (and be realistic). However, if you have no intentions of actually doing anything, please stop. You are not fooling anyone but yourself. I recognize honest passion when I see it and I know others do too, which is probably the reason I find it so offensive that you would play at being someone you are not. I see right through that bravado and pseudo-swagger. I’ve been fortunate to work with the real deal: authentic people who began small and have sacrificed and persevered year after year to pursue their dreams.

No Guarantees

Life is not fair and business is not guaranteed – this I can tell you. There’s something I call vaportunity. That’s an opportunity that’s there one moment and then it  disappears like *poof*. Until the contract is signed and the check has cleared, it’s NOT REAL. Even when things look really good, that golden opp could crumble in a matter of moments and when it does? You keep on going. You learn from your mistakes and you try doing things differently. You exercise your gift of discernment and it becomes more refined with use.

I believe it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of your dream if it’s what you feel in your heart and know in your spirit. If people laugh at you when you share your vision, let them laugh. Better yet, be as vague as possible. Tell them nothing, just stay on your grind. They will be the first ones to start sniffing around or asking you for something when they think you’ve “made it.” I know plenty of entrepreneurs who hustle EVERY day. Creating, scheming, coming up with ways to get better. Despite the risks, you cannot be a Bout To Do. Start somewhere. Do SOMETHING – no matter how small – and steadily progress toward your goal.

The Secret to Success

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
– [biblegateway passage=”Matthew 19:26″]

Millions, even billions have probably been made on people claiming to know the true secret to success. I know I’ve read books, watched videos, attended webinars but I can give you mine fo’ cheap, FREE even. Come in close… keep God first place. Need more? There is no more. That’s it. It is something so simple but something I don’t always do.

Perhaps you’re agnostic or an atheist. That is your choice. I just know what works for me and it might work for you too.