Thanksgiving is a quiet affair at my house. My Mom cooks and will kick you out of the kitchen if you hover. I figure she’s been cooking on Turkey Day for at least 40+ years. I don’t remember one substandard meal. Everything is cooked to perfection but this year, instead of the traditional sweet potato pie, she made a cake! Can you imagine? Messin’ up the menu. When I pleaded, “Why Mom?” She said she felt like it. OK. It actually was fine. I wasn’t baking a pie and this year, Thanksgiving fell on my youngest brother’s birthday. He’s been incarcerated for 15 years. Even though he makes us nuts sometimes, we love him dearly. I suggested we dedicate the cake to him.

The guest list consists of Mom, my sister, me and two of my Mom’s friends – they’re family. Every once in a while there are additions but it’s typically a small party. Our friends usually bring a board game of some sort that we play right after dinner to avoid falling asleep. This year we played dominoes – Mexican Train. I won. It’s a small gathering but there’s always love, laughter, good food and conversation to share – we have a blast.

I hadn’t really talked at length with my sister in a minute but she was doing well. She had taken a leave from her job and it did wonders for her disposition as she works in a high-stress environment and had pretty much had it up to there and then some. My sister and I have similar speech patterns, and though my voice is deeper, we sound alike sometimes. I don’t remember what we were talking about but we have a tendency to talk rapid fire. The conversation between us is fast and furious and sometimes intuitive, meaning we leave things out. Anyone listening is likely to be lost. That’s good. It’s like we have our own secret language. We should. I been knowin’ her… hmmm let’s see… all my life I’d say.

A Natural Comedienne

She doesn’t mess with me like she used to, perhaps due to my gentle reminders that I too am a grown-ass woman. Could be that time I threatened to “pull this sh*t over” and put her out on the Northway (boring highway through the Adirondacks). So what if she doesn’t like my driving? She was in rare form this past holiday. She was hilarious even when she was picking on me. She had some kind of impulse control thing going on where she didn’t try to monitor what came out of her mouth. It resulted in JOKES.

I decided she has excellent comedic timing and if her current job doesn’t work out, she should look into stand-up. Among the jokes were some statements she made. She pulls no punches – here are a few choice statements/comments:

While discussing jobs…“I don’t really like people.”
I always suspected but was amazed that she said it out loud. LOL. It’s not true, she cares about people. She is independent and likes her solitude like most people in my family.

We learned one of our family friends weighs 122 lb.
I said dolefully, “I’ve never weighed 122lb.” My sister: “Yes you did. When you were born.”
Comedy!! All I could say was, “oh snap” and we all laughed.

In a conversation about stem cell transplants….
Why this topic? It’s a treatment a family friend had undergone where she received stem cells from her sister. She’s doing great!

I asked my sister if she would give me stem cells if we were a match. She said, “Of course.”
I asked her about a kidney. “I guess,” she said. I paused and thought.
“Would you give me an eye?” I asked. At that she exclaimed, “Oh, COME ON.” I was rolling.
Then she said the sweetest thing: “Maybe one.” Awwww.

Gotta love my sis. I’m truly thankful for my family and friends.