I Googled “vision board.” Apparently vision boards have been around for a while and have had a surge in popularity after the release of The Secret. My understanding is this: you grab some magazines and cut out photos or words that represent things you want to attract to your life. You put these together in a collage on a cork-board/foam core and place it somewhere you can see it every day. I may have oversimplified…maybe it’s deeper and more significant than that.

Anyway, when he finished, he strongly suggested I make one and put it somewhere I could view it. Suggested I get a cork-board and put it up in my home office. OK. I told him I thought it was a cool idea but… I wasn’t going to do it. He asked me why. I asked him if he really believed there was power in that board. He explained that it made you focus on your desires thereby keeping your thoughts aligned on things you want. I told him my vision board was in my head.

He poo-pooed that. He said unless I was capable of sustained thought, it wouldn’t work. I’m capable although sometimes I think I am ADD. That was the end of the conversation on that subject. Neither of us mentioned it again but when I thought about it later, I made several conclusions. My reason for not subscribing to the activity has to do with my beliefs and faith.

Why I Won’t Make a Vision Board

I didn’t think the vision board was supposed to be about material possessions but like most people, I know what I like. I see my model home – it is not extravagant but it is comfortable, homey and beautiful. I love cars and having one is a luxury. As long as it’s safe and can get me from A to B, I’m not picky – however, if I could have ANY car, with no worries about the cost, I have that joint picked out from the interior to the custom wheels. I know what’s important to me and I AM capable of sustained thought on some things yet, no. No vision board for me. Why? (You’re on the edge of your seat now…I know). Here it is, plain and simple:

But seek ye first His kingdom, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” [biblegateway passage=”Matthew 6:33″ display=”– Matthew 6:33″]

In my opinion, the only thing that needs to be on a vision board is God. The bible says it in several places and I believe it. When you put Him first, He will provide you with everything you need. If He is in you, you always have your “vision.” All you have to learn is how to align yourself with what He wants for you. If you want material things, you can come by those honestly (or dishonestly). In the grand scheme, none of that matters. You really can’t take it with you when you leave.

That scripture comes from a passage that I also believe was shown to me one day in a department store. It was right before Easter… and I went down an aisle I NEVER go down to discover children’s condensed pocket bibles in pink and baby blue. I was drawn to the display so I picked one up. I wondered how they fit old and new testaments in there (they hadn’t). I thumbed it open and I came to this scripture: [biblegateway passage=”Luke 12:22″ display=”Luke 12:22″]. The passage also says that we don’t anything to our lives by worrying and being anxious about what we have, don’t have or yearn to have. It also says not to worry about what you will eat, what you will wear and where you will live. It just so happened I was worrying about money as I shopped that day. No coincidence.

Wealth can make your time here more comfortable and provide an opportunity to make others comfortable too but it can’t put off the inevitable: we all will leave this earth. If you don’t have things like love, forgiveness, humility, integrity, honesty, family, friends… what are you really doing? Now, I suppose you could build a vision board that has those types of broad representations but the idea, I think, is to be specific about what you want. That way the universe can answer the call. Again, I think that if you strive to be spirit led and accept that things happen in the order God decides (with opportunities to make choices along the way), you have all the vision you’ll ever need. I know many people who have what I like to call, “The Illusion of Control.” It’s a false sense of power we have – thinking that we have control over most everything in our lives. Yeah, um, NO. My belief is that the sooner we accept that we have very little control, the more freedom we have. There’s definitely power in free will.

What I Believe

I believe in potential. I believe in miracles and blessings. I know that I will always work hard towards my goals. I may lose focus or become pessimistic, but I don’t think a vision board is going to put me back on track – especially if it’s filled with “things.” Besides, I now understand that when I feel like I’m not focused, it’s because I’m in unfamiliar territory and that, my friends, is an opportunity to grow and learn – which is something I plan to do for the rest of my life – even without a vision board. My core beliefs give me vision and passion. My gifts of thought, intellect and creativity give me options. While I could look at a vision board to remind me of what I want, I’d much rather listen to what’s inside me, the quiet ministering to my soul… that which will guide me to exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Blessings to all.

Update 8.6.17 – I wrote this almost ten years ago and still feel the same about vision boards. I have written down goals for focus and clarity (and achieved them) so I won’t say all “envisioning” is silly. I like to think I’ve matured spiritually since I first wrote this too and it is my understanding that gifts of the spirit are the BEST.