Mom and I set out shopping for a bustier or long line bra. But, well… ran into a few issues while shopping all over the daggone county:

  1. It wasn’t prom/bridal season and most stores don’t stock that stuff. You have to order it.
  2. After losing weight, I wasn’t sure of my cup size so I had to try on a gazillion bras and styles.
  3. It was winter and though I left the house with lotioned skin, the rubbing and fighting with each bra I tried on started to chafe my skin.
  4. (Perceived) I thought a long line bra would squeeze me out the bottom and I’d end up with a roll!

Tired and annoyed, I found one bra I thought could work but, well, I’m 37 now and like I said, my boobs are heavy. It didn’t give me the lift and shape I wanted, so I didn’t buy it. Disheartened, my mother suggested we try a bridal shop as the last stop.

We headed to David’s Bridal because it was close. I told the saleswoman what I was looking for and she was sure she could help. I followed her to the back of the store. When she asked my bra size, I told her I wasn’t exactly sure. She said she’d pull a few sizes. She disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a long line bra. I stepped into a dressing room to try it on. It had 18 million hooks and eyes. 90 minutes later I was in, but I had another issue. The cup was too big and there was no lift… meaning I was sagging in the worst way. As I looked at my ashy boobs sunken into the over-sized cup, I had to stifle giggles. My mother asked if I was okay, so I opened the door and said, “Mom, loooook. I got old saggy boobs and I’m ASHY.”

Just then, the saleswoman returned. I was really thankful she was a sista – she understood ashiness. I explained and showed her the problem and she disappeared again. She came back with another long line bra but this one had built-in PUSH UP support. Hallelujah and thank the Lord for push-up bras. I’m fine with my body but ya know… ya get older and things just aren’t what they were. I was very happy. It fit through the torso without a roll (slimmer than I thought), was comfortable and it had the girls up where they belonged: under my chin.

I commented to my mother, “We should have come here first!” That’s when she quietly told me that’s what she suggested in the first place. Oh. Wasn’t paying attention I guess. So I’m pleased – I ask if it comes in another color because it is very white. Ivory or nude or black would have been perfect. Nope. Just white. Still pleased as punch, I look at the tag and the smile dies on my lips. The bra is $80+tax. WTF? I was like… it’s a BRA. Do I really want to spend that much? Ahhh.. yes, but it was the right bra. Comfortable, washable and with a great fit.

Now maybe you’re used to paying that for undergarments but I am not. I would have bought it anyway, even on my limited budget, but my mother took it from me and told me it was a birthday present. I know she loves me and believe me when I tell you she does SO MUCH for me. But I wonder… was it my cash flow? Or the image of my saggy, ashy, pathetic boobs that influenced her impulsive gift purchase. Either way, I got it, and it was the perfect undergarment for my dress.

I know some might frown upon a “homemade” dress but I wore that dress so proudly because it was crafted with love, by my Mama, just for me. I’ve worn the bra three times since – which made it a good investment afterall.