I’m grounded. I’m real. I believe I receive information from God – usually through signs. I was watching a movie last week called the The Closeness of Objects. In it, a mother prayed for four days in the hospital chapel after her son was involved in a bad car accident. She prayed he would live. He did. As a comatose invalid. The overwhelming message for me was “be specific.” In short, be specific when you pray and ask for things. I watched another TV show a few days later and believe it or not, got the same message.

I take signs very seriously. Not in the way of circles in the crops, although I have joked with my mother about “signs” from aliens that appear on the TV at times. (We have satellite television and I think signals get scrambled on the screen sometimes). So, no, not aliens. I’m talking about synchronicities. Coincidence, I think not.

I haven’t told many folks outside my immediate circle and some may think I’m a bit off but… I often see numbers in sequence on digital clocks, billboards, signs, bus numbers, etc. This began happening several years ago. So, I looked it up on the Internet. The explanation I liked most was one published by a Christian author (can’t think of her name) who gave meaning to the numbers 1-9. And of those, I only remember specific sequences. A series of ones (1:11, 11:11) are Angels trying to get your attention and let you know they are there. Don’t recall what two’s are, but 3s and 6s are decision numbers: worldly vs. spiritual. 4 is Christ consciousness. This is no longer an oddity to me and I don’t think I’m crazy. It just makes me very aware of the universe.

Before I get too far off-topic, this is really about messages. When I got that message last week, I knew that it meant I needed to think about how I prayed and what I prayed for. If you’re not spiritual, think of the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.” Late one night, when I had settled in my bed, I began to pray about the man I hoped to someday meet and the love we would share. I won’t put all of it here (that’s between me and God) but I have enough raw data from past relationships to know what works for me and what doesn’t! I have joked in the past about building the perfect man (perfect for me), a bionic man if you will, so and so’s smile, so and so’s hands, and so on. But this was a serious task – and I know I’m not done.

It’s a long prayer. But I know prayers come true.

I started with personality traits and characteristics, (kindness, intelligence, humility, similar sense of humor). In the past, I would make a request like, “Lord, please send me someone I can love with all my heart, who loves me back.” Got that. Was loved… but wasn’t accepted for who I was. So I added, “who accepts me as I am at this very moment, not who they hope I will turn out to be or become – every flaw, every shortcoming.” I’ve also prayed for someone I could be open with. Talk to about anything. Got that, but… he (they) didn’t always talk to me.

Then, I paused, unsure of how to proceed. You see, I had to be specific about what I wanted. And that meant I had to ask for a certain kind of lover. I knew what I wanted but was it appropriate? I decided that God knows my heart. Therefore, it’d be useless to try to hide that part. He knows my desires. He also knows what I want and more importantly, need. I went on and continued to “place the order,” trying my best to be clear. What I began to notice was that in the past, I made requests as if I was writing a personal ad. Said things like, “he should love deeply” while missing one important factor: I left ME out of the equation. He should love who deeply – the next chick?

It got so long that I stopped to think, am I asking too much? Could such a man exist? And the message came quietly back. Be specific. So I kept adding to the list, but one of the things I most remember, that which was paramount, was asking that I didn’t miss the signs. That the messages I am so accustomed to looking for would not elude me… that they’d lead me to this love. So I’ll watch, I’ll listen, I’ll feel and I’m confident that signs that appear will be… well, specific.

I’ll let you know how it goes.