Depending on our choices, we are set on our path. Sometimes set up to succeed and I don’t want to say fail – so let’s just say things may not go as you imagined or planned. This is often a blessing because detours are a part of life. I can think of many people who would say, “If this hadn’t happen when it did, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do A, B or C…”.

Getting back to preludes.. I’ve had many preludes in my life and have been fortunate enough to recognize them. I am owner of a web design company. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’ve done what I have. When I discovered the Internet circa 1995, I never imagined it would be what it is today, or that I would make a living as a result of the emergence of new technology and the Internet. I was really interested in how pages were created and after doing some research I taught myself Hyper Text Markup Language — HTML. I used to stay up all night working on my personal site, adding pages, scanning images, just trying to perfect it.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

When the opportunity presented itself at the company I worked for, a colleague, who had started at the company the same time I did pushed for me to handle the Intranet site for our department. I jumped at the chance. I was a supervisor in the quality standards department of the company and honestly, had grown bored with my responsibilities. It was no longer a challenge. At a departmental meeting one day, I was asked about the progress on the website. I ended up doing a live demo, explaining the initial challenges, my solutions and some ideas I had for growth. That particular meeting was attended by our entire department including members in Las Vegas by video conference. When I finished my demonstration, everyone clapped heartily and I could not believe how wonderful that felt. My coworker/sistergirls told me afterwards how extremely proud they were of me. That meant a great deal to me but what the whole experience ultimately did was reinforce my passion for creativity. My educational background was graphic design and I was clearly not doing anything related to it in that job, however, it was a detour through the corporate world. Not to mention all the computer and managerial skills I learned. I conducted training sessions, gave tours to potential and existing clients and ran our department when our manager was out on personal leave.

Ironically enough, the day the Intranet site was to go live to the rest of the company, I was laid off. When I came into clean up files on my PC, I had numerous email messages from people within the company commending me on the site – a job well done. I read and deleted them all and prepared for the next part of my journey. I ended up leaving the city and moving home with my mother. With the support and encouragement of family, friends, peers and even strangers at times, I strive to get better everyday. I did that demonstration in 1998. Two months later, I registered my domain name and obtained hosting and was on its way. I still feel I have much to learn but through it all, God has put people in my life who continuously lift me up and inspire me to explore and expand my gift. My discovery has been this: detours are not at all bad because sometimes they take you off the beaten path and you end up far ahead of where you thought you’d be.