Note to self: If and when I get married, my husband will be well-trained in Scaredy-Val Thunderstorm Procedures.

I tried squeezing my eyes shut but I could still see the flashes. I put a pillow over my head but that didn’t help – just made my head hot. If I thought I could fit under my bed, I would have been there!¬†Eventually the storms subsided and I was able to doze a little while longer. Before I got up, I lay thinking about those thunderstorms… and how stormy things can be in life… and I before long I said, hmmm… feels like it’s time for another brownwoman entry.

Thunderstorms aren’t all bad. I kind of like the quiet before the storm. Where everything is still…except for the creeping, ominous clouds. All you know is that the storm is coming and not much else. You can watch the Weather Channel and see if it’s supposed to be severe but you won’t know until those first drops begin to fall. Sometimes it won’t rain at all – gray clouds give way to sun. Unpredictability. That, my friend, is the wonder of nature.

And… such is life. Full of sunny days and thunderstorms. Use any metaphor you like – mountains and valleys – doesn’t matter. There are certain precautions you can take, or things you can do to avoid the low points but like I always say, you have to go through the lows to get the highs. If you don’t understand and appreciate the lows, I don’t think you can fully enjoy the highs. Not to mention, most make it through the thunderstorms of life because even though we may not know the severity of the storm, we do realize that it’s only a matter of time before it subsides or passes. As you endure more and more thunderstorms, you begin to make observations based on previous experiences. If it gets dark as night, batten down the hatches! If it’s mixed clouds with breaks of sunshine, it probably won’t be too bad. If thunder rumbles in the distance but you never see any lightning, the storm is probably far off and you might not see any rain. Again… might. The wind could change and lookout!

And.. after the storm? Well, things look different. Walkways and streets are washed clean… the bark of trees is dark in contrast to brilliant summer greens… leftover droplets of rain sparkle in the sun. Severe thunderstorms can sometimes leave a path of destruction but I believe all things happen for a reason. Once the damage is done, there’s not much else you can do but assess it and decide whether to repair or rebuild. In some cases, I think things are destroyed in order to be rebuilt. In other cases, they were never meant to be…

Did I mention today turned out to be a glorious sunny day? Clear blue skies – no sign of thunderstorms – at least for a little while.

Be blessed.