Hey…think about it. People are like that. They come into your life and can leave emotional residue on the sands of your life. Sometimes it’s a thin film and other times it’s big – like a whale (sticking to the “ocean theme”). If you realize it’s there, you may be able to remove it. If you don’t realize, it builds and you add your own to it. Next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed with emotional residue and… you’ve got “issues.” I like to live a relatively drama free life, which cuts down considerably on the amount of emotional residue that I have. But every once in a while, a particular tide will come in and leave some nasty piece of garbage on the shores of my soul. How’s that for eloquence? Wow. I had to laugh out loud right then. I think I need to take a moment.

Okay…what I am essentially saying is when your soul gets cluttered with listless emotions, false hopes and past hurts, you have to cleanse. What facilitates the cleaning process is different for everyone.

Whaddaya Do?

  1. Realize other people’s issues are not your own.
  2. Disengage from the person that’s causing you to feel like you have unresolved emotions.
  3. Personally: dance until I pass out. I don’t know too many African dance steps but I pretend I do. It makes me dizzy but I like it.
  4. Continue in my diva ways and continue frequent residue checks.
  5. Cleanse as needed.