Now…as this relates to love, the same person told me that in all his years (thirty something) he has come to the conclusion that you decide what you will put up with from a potential mate. He said it was basically living with each other’s faults. I agree with that to an extent because I know I am not perfect, nor do I seek a perfect mate. Honestly? I have difficulty being satisfied with the first layer of something. Let me explain. I was blessed with an artistic mind. In art, nothing is flat. Shape, depth, contour, color and dimension are all aspects of design. People are God’s art. 🙂 Someone once told me he was seeking someone who would accept him for who he was – face value. He had a dynamic personality, so how could I just accept him for “everything” he was when I don’t know what “everything” encompasses? *shrug* It kind of goes right back to the mental intimacy thing. And NO, I don’t think you ever completely know anyone. You see what they allow you to see. Whether that’s who they actually are………

That brings me to truth. Just because you tell someone the truth about something, it doesn’t make that “something” right. Sure, you might sleep easier if it’s eating at your conscience. If you’ve done something that hurt someone else you can tell them, you may feel better but they will hurt. What am I trying to say? Lie? No. But if you’re responsible for your words and actions from the git-go, you shouldn’t have any ‘splainin to do later. Although I generally don’t make resolutions, my personal goal is accountability and responsibility.

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